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Establish your home sanctuary with a 1 person sauna from Bath Parlor. Our popular 1 person sauna collection allows you to escape the stresses of the outside world as you find soothing relief from worries, pains, and soreness inside your spacious chamber of serenity.


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But with so many options on the market, finding the perfect one for your needs can be overwhelming.

We will guide you through choosing the best 1-person sauna for your home or office, discussing various types, features, safety considerations, top brands, pricing, and more.

Why Choose a 1-Person Sauna?

Space-saving design

One of the main reasons people opt for a 1-person sauna is its compact size. These saunas are designed to fit into small spaces, making them an excellent choice for apartments, condos, or homes with limited square footage.

Energy efficiency

Smaller saunas generally require less energy to heat up, which means lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. This makes 1-person saunas an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for regular sauna users.

Privacy and relaxation

A 1-person sauna allows you to enjoy the full benefits of sauna therapy in complete privacy. You can meditate, read, or relax without being disturbed by others.

Types of 1-Person Saunas

1-Person Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body directly, resulting in a deep, penetrating warmth. These saunas typically heat up faster than traditional saunas and operate at lower temperatures, making them a popular choice for many.

1 person infrared sauna for sale online

1-Person Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas use a heater and stones to generate heat, creating a hot and steamy environment. These saunas typically take longer to heat up but provide a more intense experience for users who enjoy higher temperatures and steam.

1 person traditional sauna for sale online

1-Person Portable Saunas

Portable saunas are lightweight, foldable units that can be easily set up and stored away when not used. They typically use infrared technology and are perfect for those with limited space or who want a sauna to take on the go.

one person portable sauna for sale

Features to Look for in a 1-Person Sauna

Heating technology

Consider whether you prefer the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna or the steamy heat of a traditional sauna. Each type has its benefits, so choose the one that best aligns with your preferences.

Materials and construction

Quality materials and construction are essential for a long-lasting, efficient sauna. Look for saunas made from high-quality wood, such as cedar or hemlock, naturally resistant to moisture and decay.

Ease of assembly and installation

Choose a sauna with clear instructions and minimal assembly requirements. Some saunas come pre-assembled, making installation a breeze, while others may require more effort. Consider your DIY skills and the available space when making your decision.

Entertainment and comfort options

Many 1-person saunas come with built-in features to enhance your sauna experience. Options include Bluetooth speakers, chromotherapy lighting, and ergonomic backrests. Consider which features are most important to you and look for a sauna that meets your needs.

Safety Considerations

Ensure your sauna has safety features, such as an automatic shut-off timer, proper ventilation, and temperature controls. Look for models tested and certified by trusted organizations, like ETL or CE, to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Top 1-Person Sauna Brands

Some reputable 1-person sauna brands include JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic Saunas, and Sunray Saunas. Research reviews and testimonials to find the best brand for your needs.


Tips for Using Your 1-Person Sauna

  • Preheat your sauna for at least 15-20 minutes before use.
  • Hydrate before, during, and after your sauna session.
  • Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase duration as your body adapts.
  • Use a towel to sit or lie on to maintain hygiene and protect the sauna's interior.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your 1-person sauna. Clean the interior surfaces with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. Always unplug your sauna before cleaning, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for care and maintenance.


A 1-person sauna is a fantastic investment in your health and well-being. By considering the type, features, safety, and pricing, you can find the perfect sauna for your needs. With regular use, you'll enjoy the many benefits of sauna therapy in the comfort of your own home.

1 Person Saunas FAQs

Can I use a 1-person sauna every day?

  • Yes, many people use their sauna daily, but it's important to listen to your body and adjust the frequency as needed.

How long should I spend in a 1-person sauna?

  • Start with 10-15 minute sessions and gradually increase the duration as your body adapts. Most people find 20-30 minutes to be the sweet spot.

Do I need a professional to install my 1-person sauna?

  • Some saunas may require professional installation, while others can be easily assembled following the manufacturer's instructions. Always check the installation requirements before purchasing.

How much energy does a 1-person sauna consume?

  • Energy consumption varies depending on the model and usage. In general, infrared saunas tend to consume less energy than traditional saunas.