Clearlight Infrared Saunas

"My wife and I have been loving our infrared. We use it for five times a week. We use it for reading or just relaxing, listening to music." "We bought a Clearlight Premier IS 2, which is a two seater. And it is very easy to put together and assemble" "It's also beautiful on the outside so it matches our furniture in our bedroom." "You also only needed a normal outlet so you could pretty much put it anywhere in your room or wherever you would like to." "I love all the features." "It's just been a wonderful purchase for us and if you are considering an infrared sauna we think that Clearlight is amazing." "Best purchase ever." "We don't use it as a sauna, we use it as a sanctuary." "We like to come in here and watch movies. We also like to meditate in the sauna." "It's been a great improvement to our lives." "This is the Sanctuary 3 model; three people can sit in here comfortably." "They have ceramic tiling on the floor so when you put your feet down and you sweat (which you do a lot of in this thing, it gets pretty hot in here) the sweat doesn't soak into the wood, you can just easily wipe it up. " "It's made of Western Red Cedar. It's got a beautiful glass door. It took me and my fiancรฉ about an hour to put together." "I would highly recommend this company for your sauna." "I went with the Sanctuary 3 model because I had the idea of wanting to stretch out. I'm 6 foot tall, and I still have enough space for someone else to sit down." "I highly recommend these saunas. It smells awesome in here." "It heats up in about 15 minutes and it gets very hot." "Welcome to my escape." "I never thought I'd own my very own sauna and have it in my house. I was thrilled when I ran across Clearlight on a website because I didn't realize they made saunas compact enough to fit in my basement." "I didn't even have to hire an electrician." "The main thing I love about my sauna is that it's a huge stress reliever." "I'm also a long distance runner so this has come in handy to reduce some of the pains that I have acquired in the morning" "I hope that others come across Clearlight saunas and get to reap the benefits I have." "I have a small bedroom and it fits nicely in there and doesn't take up a lot of space." "It was easy to put together." "The sauna made my skin softer." "My son-in-law has psoriasis and after using the sauna his psoriasis has improved a lot." "I think everyone should considering owning one of these saunas. They're very affordable and it's nice to have one where you can get in it at your own time and get the benefits from it." "I recommend that patients come in and use the sauna weekly." "One of the things that I advocate strongly for in practice is a good detoxification program." "I think this is a great way to develop a foundational health plan, prevention and wellness." "I can tell you that my schedule is booked using the sauna just about every day, certainly during the winter." "In the six months that I've been using the sauna, I've dropped 30 pounds and I've also noticed an increased amount of energy." "It's just been a great asset for my house." "It's a great investment for my health. Probably one of the best decisions I've ever made." "It took my husband and myself about 45 minutes to put it together." "The benefits that I've gotten from the sauna are just incredible." "It has seriously relieved the arthritis. My allergies have improved just incredibly." "I like the fact that it has heaters in the front, not just in the rear." "It's a very attractive unit." "I sweat more in this sauna than I do all day at the gym or running although I am very active." "I've been diagnosed with high lead levels and my doctor advised me to get a sauna." "We sure enjoy the heck out of the sauna." "It was recommended to me by no less than three healthcare professionals." "I've had two shoulder surgeries so I've had a certain amount of stiffness and pain that's gone." "I feel better. I have more energy. I've lost weight. My skin looks better." "This is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself."

"Since we bought our Clearlight sauna, there has been a vast improvement in our health." "I don't know what we would do without it." "You can feel the difference after just one session." "Thank you Clearlight, we love you." "I've got it sitting right here in my living room." "I originally bought the sauna for my Lyme disease. I bought it halfway through my treatment and the second half of my treatment has just been amazing and it's mainly due to the sauna." "It has made the biggest difference with my joint pain, swelling, inflammation, ringing in my ears and my neurological symptoms." "I love the quality of it." "It's beautiful. Put on the accent lights, change the colors, put on the radio, shut the lights out and stay in for 30 minutes. It's the best thing." "Infrared sauna is just a must-have." "It improves the effectiveness of basically every other treatment and helps the body detox." "I feel like I'm getting my life back." "It's wonderful. It's cleansing. It's relaxing. It's everything they said it would be." "Easy to put together." "I would recommend it to anyone." "It's been a blessing to me in my quest to regain my health." "I have had back problems in the past and they're all pretty much gone. I've had hip and knee problems before and that was one of the reasons we were looking into the sauna." "Just really good results. It's really awesome." "I haven't been sick very often since I got it." "We have a three person sauna in a 900 square foot apartment and it's perfect." "It's very good on the electric bill too. Maybe 10 dollars extra a month, and that's if you use it maybe five or six times a week, an hour at a time." "I really enjoy our sauna." "It seems to be helping our aches and pains." "Thank you very much for everything." "My husband and I use it several times a week for detoxification." "It's great for relieving chronic pain, fibromyalgia and dietary detox." "I like to just check out from technology and read a book in my sauna." "I encourage everyone out there to invest in one. It's a lifelong investment in your health." "I've noticed clearer skin and better circulation." "It helps with water retention." "Very well made and easy to put together." "Everything was just as promised on the website and we love it." "The thing I like most about the sauna is to come home from work, get my Wall Street Journal and I go in the sauna and turn my music up." "We live in Portland where it's rainy and overcast and chilly. It's a really great thing to have." "Quiet relaxation." "I especially like using the sauna due to the harsh, cold winter that we've had, especially coming in after shoveling snow." "I've noticed a difference in the complexion and quality of my skin. A lot of people do not believe that I'm 53 years old." "It's helped with my symptoms of fibromyalgia." "I just cannot sing its praises enough." "My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and the far infrared heating is able to penetrate deep into her joins and provide her with tremendous relief from her pain." "I'm a PTSD survivor and the calming, relaxing nature of the heat that penetrates me, as well as being able to listen to books over the phenomenal audio system, is just unmatchable." "The cleansing is just so deep as I'm able to sweat from deep within my tissues." "Thank you so much for making this wonderful sauna and blessing to our household." "We're sitting in it right now with the door open and it's still really hot." "The floor pad is also heated. "Especially in the winter, it's really good to get inside the sauna even more since it's really cold outside." "It helps you get a good night's sleep." "I just love our Clearlight sauna. We use it mainly to get toxins and heavy metals out of body. Just a good warm, healthy feeling." "I felt I was getting really sick, almost like flu, and I came in and did the sauna in the morning and then in the evening. The next day, I was fine." "Every time I thought I was catching something, I did this twice a day and boom. Knocked it out. I'm convinced it helped me avoid flu and colds." "The cat always wants to get in and once it's over I let her. She loves the heat and animals seem to know what's healthy for them." "It smells great because it's cedar. I really like that." "I have my water bottle in here, my little golf ball for my foot exercises and my favorite CDs so I'm good to go." "I love it." "Originally we were going to put the unit outside but after putting it together, we decided it was too nice to have outside." "Before the sauna, I would get three or four colds a year. Since we started using the sauna on a regular basis, I have not had a cold. Not one." "My son came up from Florida and he liked it so much that he decided to buy one." "For those folks who don't have one, I would highly suggest the Clearlight sauna. I believe they are the best on the market and with the benefits we got out of them, they're well worth every dollar spent." "I believe it's helped me to keep my blood pressure at the lower limits of normal." "It's a great little unit and we really enjoy using it." "Detoxing is my main purpose for purchasing." "It's very nice to sit in the sauna, smell the cedar and sweat out while relaxing." "I've always had trouble sweating so I thought I needed to do something to encourage my body to sweat." "I start sweating in 10 minutes in the sauna, so that's definitely an improvement. I also sweat more exercising outside and at the gym too." "I have noticed clearer skin, de-stressing after work, and faster recovery after my workouts." "My overall experience has been amazing." "It's definitely the best money I've invested thus far in my health and wellness." "I have osteoarthritis in various parts of my body and we have found that after testing that it gives me great relief. Infrared technology gets deeper than a regular sauna." "The first month we used it we went crazy with it and we were worried about our electric bill. Maybe a couple dollars on it and that was all." "I'm just very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship for a mass-produced product and the engineering they put into assemble it. It was so easy!" "I want to introduce you to my little piece of heaven: my Clearlight sauna." "I love the smell of the cedar wood. I love the fact it's got no electro-magnetic fields." "I turn on my magnificent color therapy, turn on my stereo and I actually lay down and relax." "Besides de-stressing, I've actually noticed I had a much better mood, less PMS symptoms." "I have nothing negative to say about this company or this sauna. I absolutely love it." "I'm just as excited today to use it as I was when I first got it two years ago." "This was the first big purchase I made when I bought my house and I haven't regretted it since." "We liked all the reviews on it." "We like that the stereo system let's you hook our mp3 player to it or something else and listen to music while we're in there." "The colored lights are nice as they change or you can have them one color if you want, or no lights whatsoever." "Both of us feel better and more energetic from using it."