If you have any issues with your product, please call us at 1-888-886-2074 or email us at hello@bathparlor.com and we will assist you in filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer we stock has a different warranty, so please take a look at the warranty that pertains to the specific manufacturer for which your item pertains.

Cambridge Plumbing

If a Cambridge Plumbing, bathtub or plumbing (plumbing included with vanity sets excluded), within five years of its original purchase, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, after inspection by an authorized Cambridge Plumbing representative, Cambridge Plumbing will repair or, at its option, exchange the product for a similar model.

This limited warranty is applicable, so long as it remains in use in its original place of installation.

This limited warranty applies only to the original purchasers and installation of these products. In the event of a limited warranty claim, proof of purchase will be required, so please save your sales receipt.

This limited warranty does not apply to commercial installations. The warranty for commercial installations is one (1) year.

This limited warranty does not apply to local building code compliance. 

Since local building codes vary considerably, the purchaser of this Cambridge Plumbing product should check with a local building or plumbing contractor to ensure local code compliance before installation.

This limited warranty is void if the Cambridge Plumbing product has been moved from its initial place of installation; if it has been subjected to faulty maintenance, abuse, misuse, accident or other damage; if it was not installed in accordance with Cambridge Plumbing's instructions; or if it was modified in a manner inconsistent with the product as shipped by Cambridge Plumbing.

Cambridge Plumbing's option to repair or exchange the product under this limited warranty does not cover any labor, shipping or other costs of exchange, removal or installation.


Cambridge Plumbing and Bath Parlor will not be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributable to a Cambridge Plumbing product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective Cambridge Plumbing product, all of which are expressly excluded from this limited warranty.

This limited warranty does not cover any liability for consequential or incidental damages, all of which are hereby expressly disclaimed, or the extension beyond the duration of this limited warranty of any implied limited warranties, including those of merchant-ability or fitness for an intended purpose. (Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied limited warranties, so this exclusion may not apply to you.)

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. 

You may have other statutory rights that vary from state to state or from province to province, in which case this limited warranty does not affect such statutory rights.

Clearlight Sauna

Your Jacuzzi® sauna comes with another exclusive – the Clearlight Infrared® Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential use.

Few other companies can offer this type of warranty because no one builds saunas like Clearlight Infrared®.

Our True Wave™ infrared emitters have an estimated operational life of 30,000 hours. Using your sauna 5 times per week your True Wave­­™ heaters can last up to 125 years.

All of our Clearlight sauna cabins are both kiln dried and air dried to 7% moisture content then each panel is pressed to ensure a lifetime free from warping or cracking.

All electrical components in your Jacuzzi® Clearlight sauna are manufactured to our exacting standards and once your sauna comes out of production at our factory, it is setup, tested and run for several hours to ensure that it is in top working condition.

In the rare event that you might have an issue with your Clearlight sauna, our limited lifetime warranty covers the entire sauna – heaters, controls, electrical and wood… even the included audio system.

You will never have to worry if anything should go wrong with your Jacuzzi® Clearlight sauna.

If you are using your Clearlight sauna in a commercial location, you are still covered under our 5-year warranty. 

Download the complete warranty by clicking the following link: Jacuzzi® brand saunas warranty

Register your Jacuzzi® infrared sauna warranty by clicking here: Warranty Registration

JNH Lifestyles

JNH Lifestyles warrants the saunas to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

JNH Lifestyles provides warranty on wood components against defective material and/or workmanship of cabinetry.

Since the wood used in JNH Lifestyles saunas has been kiln dried, a certain amount of expansion and contraction occurs in the wood within a sauna environment.

This expansion may result in minor cracks, which is considered normal and not covered under warranty.

Over time the sauna wood may darken and/or change color tones. These color changes are considered normal aging and are not covered under the warranty.

This warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser of the JNH Lifestyles sauna and terminates upon transfer of ownership. It does not extend to use or installation for commercial or institutional purpose.

The JNH Lifestyles sauna must be installed within one year of purchased date.

Freight charges to and from the customer are the responsibility of the customer. This includes freight charges for parts shipped to enable the services of your JNH Lifestyles sauna.

This warranty is void if the JNH Lifestyles sauna has been altered, misused, or abused.

Such instances shall include operation or maintenance of the JNH Lifestyles sauna different from the published instructions.

The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner.

JNH Lifestyles and Bath Parlor will not be responsible for labor incurred by its authorized service agents per pre-established takes in removing, inspecting and reinstalling the warranty parts.

JNH Lifestyles and Bath Parlor will not cover any labor costs attributable to disassembly and reassembly of the unit.

JNH Lifestyles and Bath Parlor will not be responsible for labor costs of the routine maintenance, adjustments or alterations to the calibration of the electrical devices.

Any parts claimed to be defective must be shipped freight prepaid, to JNH Lifestyles and the repaired or replaced product will be returned to the sender freight collect.

When sent to JNH Lifestyles, the product must be accompanied by the sales receipt or other proof of purchase date, as well as the sender's name, mailing address (no PO BOX), daytime telephone number and any other information relating to the sender's claim. This warranty applies to products sold after Aug 01, 2018.

JNH Lifestyles and manufacturer and Bath Parlor shall not be liable for the loss of use of the JNH Lifestyles sauna or other incidental or consequential damages.

Under no circumstances shall JNH Lifestyles and manufacturer or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damages to any properties.

Surface cracks are not considered defects in material or workmanship, as they are normal characteristics of all wood.


Residential Use

  • 2 Year on control and electrical components.
  • 2 Year on wood structure.
  • 2 Year on heaters.

Extended Warranty Available, refer to the product page.

Commercial Use

  • N/A


Residential Use

  • 3 Year on control and electrical components.
  • 3 Year on wood structure.
  • 3 Years on heaters.

Commercial Use

  • 2 Year on control and electrical components.
  • 2 Year on wood structure.
  • 2 Year on heaters.

Extended Warranty Available, refer to the product page.

 For RECOVERED and AS-IS units, please take a look at the product page.


All Mesa steam showers carry a (7) seven year structural warranty against manufacturer defects. The structural warranty protects the structure of the Mesa steam shower from peeling, fading, delaminating or cracking.

Structural components include the acrylic panels, shower pan, ceiling, and glass panels. All Mesa steam shower parts carry a (1) one year guarantee against defects.

All Mesa jetted tubs and air tubs carry a (7) seven-year structural warranty against manufacturer defects.

The structural warranty protects the structure of the Mesa tub from peeling, fading, delaminating or cracking.

All Mesa jetted tub and air tub parts carry a (5) five-year guarantee against defects.

Bath Parlor and Luxury Bath Supply carries most replacement parts in stock and will arrange for a spare part to be delivered to you. Replacement parts can be ordered by calling our service department at 1.888-338-3777.

Bath Parlor and Luxury Bath Supply recommends that a certified plumber or electrician replace the spare part.

Bath Parlor nor Luxury Bath Supply does not accept any responsibility or liability for the installation of spare parts.

Sunray Saunas


SunRay Saunas carry a 7-Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

For warranty claims, please complete and detach the warranty registration card below and send it along with a valid sales receipt to the warranty claims department address below.

You can also contact our warranty claim department at warranty@sunraysaunas.com.

The 7-Year SunRay Warranty covers the entire structure of the sauna including the heating elements. The radio is covered by a limited 1-Year Warranty.

If the warranty claims department determines that the sauna must be returned, it must be returned with a receipt showing the date of purchase, purchase price, and the dealer from which the sauna was purchased.

No warranty claim will be honored without a receipt.

Warranty claims will only be resolved with the repair of the current product or shipment of a replacement product. Improper use or installation or damage resulting from acts of nature is not covered under the sauna warranty.

No other warranties expressed or implied shall be in effect in lieu of the 7-Year Warranty and no responsibility is assumed for present or future damage due to misuse.

SunRay indoor saunas are intended for INDOOR USE. Use of SunRay Saunas outside will void the warranty.

Do not use lacquers, paints or abrasive cleaners on the sauna. Do not place the sauna on non-approved surfaces or in outdoor applications. 

Surface cracks are not considered defects in material or workmanship, as they are considered normal characteristics of all wood.

To send in this warranty card: Download the card from the link below, complete and mail to:

SunRay Saunas 
Attn: Claims Department 
7494 Industrial Park Road, #M 
Mechanicsville, VA, 23:16 

SunRay Sauna Warranty Card Download