Ariel Platinum DZ960F8-L One Person Steam Shower (39"L x 35"W x 89"H)

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The Platinum DZ960F8-L steam shower features all the same options as the larger DZ models, but in a smaller size for bathrooms with limited space!

Small space in the house? You can still have some luxury in this smaller design. Features include a 6KW high-efficiency steam generator, 6 acupressure body jets, and LED chromatherapy. Also available in a right-side configuration.

Maximize your therapeutic experience with Platinum DZ960F8-L steam shower!


Ariel Platinum DZ-960F8-L Steam Shower
Installation and User Guide and Data Sheet

Mesa WS-608P Steam Shower with Jetted Tub Installation Guide 


Ariel Platinum DZ960F8-L Features Include: 

  • Dimensions: 39"L x 35"W x 89"H
  • Shipping Weight: 680
  • 6KW High-Efficiency Steam Generator
  • LCD Computer Control Panel
  • 6 Acupressure Massage Jets
  • Chromatherapy Lighting
  • Deluxe Rainfall Ceiling Shower
  • FM Radio Built-In
  • ETL Certified (220V)

Additional Features Include: 

  • Available as a Left or Right-Hand Unit
  • Programmable Touch Screen Control Panel with Timer
  • Chrome Trim
  • FM Radio
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Chromatherapy Lighting
  • Removable Wooden Stool
  • Storage Shelf
  • Aromatherapy System
  • Wooden Oak Floor
  • Ventilation Fan


Does the unit come in one piece or in panels?
All units come in panels.

Can I do the installation myself?
No, you will need a licensed plumber and electrician.

What is Chroma-therapy lighting?
It is the use of color lighting for therapeutic effect. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Where is the steam generator located?
Behind the unit towards the bottom and is built into the unit.

Where is the FM Radio on the unit and how does it work?
It is controlled and located on the control panel.

Where is the speaker located?
It is on the ceiling.

Does the shower have Bluetooth capability?

What is the difference between whirlpool jets and air jets?
Whirlpool jets shoot water and air jets use only air. Whirlpool jets offer high pressure, deeper massage, while the air jets offer a gentler sensation.

Will I be able to use the rainfall showerhead, handheld shower, and body jets at the same time?
No. Due to different cities and states with water flow restrictions, the unit can only have one option running at one time.

Will I be able to use the shower and steam at the same time?

Will the whirlpool jets work if I don't fill the tub up?
No. You must fill it up.

How does the whirlpool tub fill up?
It fills up through its jets.

What is the material of the tub?
It is acrylic with reinforced fiberglass.

How much PSI does my house need to run the steam shower?
An average household PSI of 45 is fine.

Where does the ventilation fan take the steam into?
The ventilation fan is built on top of the unit and it takes the steam out of the unit and into the room. You don't have to connect a duct through the ceiling as the steam venting out through the ventilation fan leaves very little steam left when it goes through the fan.

What does the overheat protection do?
The steam generator has a heating element and it boils the water. It operates at a certain temperature. If that temperature were to get too hot, there is a little breaker inside that will pop, cutting off the power to that heating element.

What material are the floor and ceiling?
Treated teak wood (For models that apply).

Are the teak wood floors removable?
The shower pan and drain are underneath there. The teak wood floor can be removed for drain cleaning.

What does the L or R stand for in regards to the unit?
The LEFT or RIGHT stands for drain location and also what side you want your plumbing fixtures on.

Do the units come in any other color than what’s listed or is there any customization that can be done?
No, they do not. No customization can be done. The units will come in either black or white. Or brown for specific models.

Does the floor have to be tiled or finished before installing the unit?

What size drain does the unit come with?
1 inch and a half (1.5”).

How long is the drain assembly that comes with the unit?
2 feet long.

What type of drain comes with the unit?
A Flex hose drain assembly.

Can we switch out the drain for a different one?
Yes, you can.

What is the average power consumption for the steam showers?
For the steam showers that end in an F8 (they use a 6,000-watt steam generator) = 6 kW per hour. F3 series = 3 kW per hour. ( Kilowatt)

What is the difference between a 6k (kilowatt) and a 3k (kilowatt) steam generator?
The 6k steam generator will produce high-temperature steam at a faster rate than the 3k steam generator.

How high does the temperature reach up to?
50° Celsius ( 122° Fahrenheit).

How does the steam unit’s temperature read?

How long does the 3k steam generator take to fill up the room?
Around 4 minutes.

How long does the 6k steam generator take to fill up the room?
Around 1-2 minutes.

How is the warranty handled, and what will I have to do to get parts in the future?
If a part is defective, reach out to us and send a photo of the part you need. Please do not discard the defective part, until you get a replacement.

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