Mesa WS-303 Steam Shower

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Mesa WS-303 Steam Shower (32"L x 32"W x 85"H)

The Mesa WS-303A is a full-featured steam shower in a compact design for smaller spaces.

This shower features tempered blue glass on all sides with a polished nickel interior control panel.

Perfect as a stand-alone unit or a left-hand side unit, the WS-303 steam shower has a sleek design adding style and modern flare to any bathroom.

Other Mesa WS-303 Steam Shower benefits include:

  • A 3kW high output steam engine to produce enveloping steam vapor to clear your airways
  • 6 acupuncture jets for pinpointed, accelerated healing of muscle aches, pains, and tension. These jets also improve your circulation for your general wellbeing.
  • A handheld showerhead so that you can control the water flow around your body. Sitting down or standing.¬†
  • A rainfall showerhead to give you total-body coverage. A refreshing and enveloping sense of clean.
  • Built-in fold up seating above the tub to give you a more comfortable way to get clean or relax while in the shower.
  • FM Radio to listen to your favorite music that puts you in the mood.
  • Overhead light to change your lighting to match your¬†steam shower experience.
  • Ventilation fan to remove humidity in your shower so you never have to clean mold or mildew again. No more breathing harsh chemicals to clean your shower.
Imagine. You and your partner.
Indulging yourself in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.
In the comfort of your own bathroom in this spacious steam shower.

Mesa WS-303 Steam Shower Product Features:

  • 220V ETL Certified-110V Optional
  • 3KW Steam Generator
  • 6 Acupuncture Water Body Jets
  • Adjustable Handheld Shower Head
  • Rainfall Shower Head
  • FM Radio Built-In
  • Tempered Clear Glass

    Additional Steam Shower Features:

    • Overhead Lighting
    • Ventilation Fan
    • Foldable Center Seat
    • Ozone Sterilization System
    • Digital Timer and Temperature Control
    • Storage Shelves
    • Fluorescent White Mood Lighting





    Frequently Asked Questions


    Does the unit come in one piece or in panels?

    All units come in panels. The great thing about our Stand Alone Steam Showers is that they are pre-assembled with pre-drilled holes. You can move any of the units through a standard 32" doorway for easy access into remodeled homes, basements, and other unique situations.


    What's a Flexible Drain Hose?

    Mesa Steam Showers, bathtubs, and whirlpools include a flexible drain hose for fast easy installation. The flexible drain hose has professional-grade durability and more versatility than the traditional corrugated pipe. Flexible and expandable, it easily bends around any obstacle, holds its shape during installation and with a simple snap, its integrated soil-tight fittings lock securely and stay connected during backfilling.

    The units come with a pre-cut drain and flexible hose.  This means you are now able to put your drain or steam shower anywhere you want.


    Can I fit the parts through a standard doorway?

    Yes, all units can fit through a standard 32" doorway. Even units with a whirlpool tub will fit through any space larger than 26".


    What voltage does the unit run on?



    What type of Electrical Connection and Breaker will I need?



    What can I use to clean the shower and tub?

    Non-Abrasive cleaners will work great on this surface. There are no special ways to treat this type of acrylic surface, so continue to clean the unit just as you would your normal fiberglass or acrylic shower. A good maintenance tip is to spray a non-abrasive cleaner onto the surface and wipe down or wash away weekly.


    I would like to place on the second floor, will there be a weight problem?

    The unit is about 500 lbs.+ water and your weight, and that is definitely a case by case type question. Jetted tub units will hold water like a bathtub and will have more weight.

    Please consult your contractor based on the weights we have provided.


    Can I use aromatherapy with these steam showers?

    Yes, aromatherapy can easily be used inside the steam emitting cup.


    What does the inline heat pump do?

    The inline Heat Pump is attached to the water pump, and the heat pump will maintain the water temperature in the tub portion of the unit.

    How many Gallons per Minute do these steam showers use?

    1.5 - 2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)


    How many HOT/COLD Connections are required?

    Regardless of the number of showerheads, all units have one hot/cold connection.


    Where is the HOT/COLD Connection located?

    The connection is located behind the shower hot/cold controls which differ per unit. Normally the hot/cold is about 30" from the floor on the back of the unit. Flex hoses are included for easy hookups no matter where your current hot/cold is located.

    Refer to the listing page of each steam shower for the exact location which can be seen in the diagrams towards the bottom of the page.


    How is the warranty handled, and what will I have to do to get parts in the future?

    If a part is defective, reach out to us and send a photo of the part you need. Please do not discard the defective part, until you get a replacement.


    Where is the steam generator located?

    The steam generator is located underneath the tub and on certain units, it is placed on the back of the unit.

    All generators are mounted to the frame or screwed to the back of the unit so that they do not take up a room beyond the dimensions of the shower.

    All of the steam showers will sit flush against the wall.

    Do I need an access panel?

    The steam showers are designed to be free-standing units so that in case of an issue behind the unit, you can easily slide the unit away from the wall for access.

    The plumbing and the electrical connections are flexible so that you can easily make this happen.

    If at all possible, an access panel is a terrific option in case of any future issues.

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